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Conversion Story

Fangon Meets God in Mt. Banahaw

Rolly Fangon | 2014-11-24 21:59:00 | Follow us on Youtube

All throughout the Bible, God has revealed His presence, purpose, and pronouncements bafflingly in majestic mountains. Take for example, Noah in Ararat, Abraham in Moriah, Moses in Sinai, Elijah in Carmel, Jesus in Transfiguration, and the disciples in Olives. Today, the list continues, Fangon in Mt Banahaw.

In Barangay Baleche, Liliw, Laguna, Rolando Fangon, 67, met God in a providential encounter—while watching television. In his little abode at the foot of the sleeping volcano opposite of Quezon province, Rolly farms at daytime and muses on sports, action movies and news programs at night time until he stumbled on Hope Channel. Unusual to him, the compelling gospel presentation of Elder Ted Wilson (delayed telecast from PICC) caught his attention and from then on followed the Revelation of Hope series on channel 45.

Disturbed and convicted by the Holy Spirit, Rolly tracked carefully in the Bible what he learned each night. Topics on law, grace and salvation led him later to attend a nearby Adventist church and asked for more studies. He followed all other programs of Hope Channel and finally decided to be baptized.

From Mt Banahaw to his watery grave, Fangon remembered vividly that old television where he first heard of the Adventist truth. His wife and a priest friend stood as witnesses as Pastor Joe Orbe Jr of Hope Channel Luzon baptized him last June in the presence of his new Adventist church family.


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