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Year End report: Ministerial Association Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries

By Israel P. Andoy

January 2018 |

Towards A Closer and Vibrant Faith Experience

The Ministerial Association and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries of the North Philippine Union Conference have been fruitful in launching various big events that have led brethren to a closer and more vibrant faith experience.


On June 28 to July 1, 2017, over 500 delegates from local churches all over Luzon, staff and resource speakers from NPUC, SSD and GC climbed up to Baguio City for the NPUC-wide Elders’ Prayer Conference held at Teacher’s Camp.

The delegates feasted on series of lectures and presentations, all pointing to and accentuating the theme, “Christ Our Righteousness.” In light of this truth, the elders recommitted to work hand in hand, to teach and preach the Word, to protect the church from unfounded teachings, and to live out the righteousness of Christ.

Elder Jerry and Janet Page, Ministerial Secretary and Associate Secretary of the General Conference talked about various topics: “Final Breakthroughs,” “Forever Ruined for theOrdinary,”“ThePersonYouLiketheLeast,”“GodWill Never Waste Your Pain,” “Unleashing God’s Power!” and “Seeing God Transform Lives.” They initiated seasons of prayer after each presentation and also shared “Statements on Prayer and Empowered Ministries,” “Praising God,” “Abiding in Jesus Love,” “That We May Be One,” and “The Joys of Being Dead.” It was such a Spirit-filling experience.


Part of the annual lineup of events of the department is the Intern Field School of Evangelism. This program seeks to immerse the ministerial interns into the mission field, to make practical use of their classroom learning. The young pastors were divided into pairs, and were assigned to various locations to reach and share the gospel.

It ran for over 2 months from May 28 to July 30. As a supplemental training following the evangelism program, the Intern Institute of Church Management was conducted on July 31 to August 4 in Baguio City. The challenges they faced along their journey were incomparable to the joy they experienced serving, witnessing, working for the Lord, much more seeing individuals accept Jesus.


The NPUC Ministerial Association department launched the Ministerial Bible Conference attended by 454 pastors from all over the territory held at Mountain Provinces Mission Bible scholars from Biblical Research Institute (BRI) namely: Dr. Angel Rodriguez, Dr. Artur Stele, Dr. Frank Hasel, Dr. Merlin Burt, Dr. Laszlo Gallusz, and Dr. Nikolaus Satelmajer served as resource speakers.

Meanwhile, Union departmental directors took turns to present the direction and plans of their respective department. The 6-day event, from July 23-28 culminated on a high note, with a commitment message from Dr. Germogenes Villanueva, SSD SS/PM Director.

The schedule was jam-packed, but it was such a precious and enlightening opportunity all together – meeting colleagues and comrades, and gaining deeper understanding of the Scriptures.


Southern Asia-Pacific Division Ministerial Secretary and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries Director, Dr. Bienvenido Mergal, initiated a Tri-Union Advisory Meeting for Adventist Chaplains/Ministers in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last October 4-7, 2017.

Being the host, NPUC made all the necessary preparations to ensure the program is beneficial for chaplains in healthcare and educational institutions.

The theme for this National Adventist Chaplaincy and Discipleship Conference was “Enhancing Compassionate Chaplaincy Ministry and Discipleship in Health Care and Educational Institutions.” Chaplains from the three unions were all excited to discover the beautiful island of Palawan much more to gain fresh insights about the chaplaincy ministry and discipleship.

Much to our surprise, a total of 79 delegates and guests attended: 23 from South Philippines, 12 from Central Philippine, 29 from North Philippines, and 15 from North American Division and General Conference combined. The key resource person, Dr. Ivan Omana, GC Associate ACM Director, was so enthusiastic as he presented how he values the work of the chaplains, who they are, and what they do, how to pastor the pastors, and how to deal and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. The lectures opened the minds of the attendees and challenged and inspired them to be more compassionate and intentional as they provide pastoral care.

The NPUC Ministerial Association and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries department expresses our deepest gratitude and appreciation, first to the Shepherd of all shepherds, Jesus Christ, and to my counterparts who have been part of this journey. It is my fervent prayer that our faith will be strengthened and grounded on the righteousness of Christ. May God find us faithful, standing steadfastly in His service till He comes again.



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