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Year End report: Women’s Ministries

By Irelyn C. Gabin

January 2018 |


“Women Empowered for Mission”

“Nurture, Empower, Outreach” conveys what Women’s Ministries is about. We nurture our sisters in their devotional time with God, enabling them to be nurturers in the church and community; equip and empower them through training programs, and motivate them to use their God-given abilities and talents in service to others. Thus, women achieve personal development and become instrumental in leading others to Jesus.

NURTURE - Empowering women to deepen their faith in God and experience spiritual growth and renewal; Engaging women in doctrinal study as essential for spiritual maturity resulting to revival, reformation and faithfulness.

 Revived By His Word and Prayer 
Women throughout the entire territory of NPUC participate in the daily Bible reading, Believe His Prophets and the 777 Prayer habit. More than 7,000 signified their commitment to the initiative.

Women of Virtue Convention – All missions and conferences held WOV Convention and brought women together to learn from the series of presentations themed, “Far Above Rubies.” Women were encouraged to shine as jewels in God’s crown when they emanate the characteristics of a virtuous woman depicted in Proverbs 31.

Women in the Bible and Me - Nearly 3,000 women finished the 14 Bible study lessons about noteworthy women in the Bible who passed on guidelines, practical instruction, wise principles, encouragement and hope to the present-day women. In studying the scriptures, they learned that God has called them for various ministries in the home, church and community.

International Women's Day of Prayer – Women all over the world created a spiritual network of empathy and support among Adventist women. The celebration happened on the first Sabbath of March.

Women's Emphasis Day – Women led special Sabbath worship and ministry on the second Sabbath of June. They received recognition for utilizing their time, talents and resources for the advancement of God’s mission.

Prayer Breakfast/Prayer Ministry – There are 550 functional prayer groups that meet regularly. They make intercession for the subjects of prayer in their list. For this year, 950 prayer breakfasts were held in different churches.

EMPOWER - Enhancing unity and harmony among women in the church characterized by loving relationships.

Advisory Meeting – All women directors met on August 1-2 to conduct midyear evaluation, consultation and planning for the following year’s action plan. We also discussed issues and challenges that we need to address.

Leadership Certifications and Seminars - The department continues to train women to ensure effective ministry and services. When women are trained, they are equipped to facilitate and render services to their families, church and community. This year, 750 women were certified.

Order and Harmony and Ministry – It is a resource manual that leaders can use for event planning and coordination such as: family worship, wedding, bridal/ baby shower, retreat, prayer breakfast, pajama party, hospital ministry, welcome/farewell party, and others.

The Best You Can Be – Consists of 12 lessons from the lives of successful women sharing what they have learned in their own Christian experiences. It gives practical suggestions on achieving one’s full potential, reaching goals, enriching spiritual life, controlling negative emotions, communicating love and acceptance, inspiring a desire for change in others, organizing home and time, and becoming more assertive.


Oh, Yes, We Care: A Ministry to the Bereaved – Equipping women to build their understanding of how people grieve and how best to help. Well-trained, caring people can minister to the bereaved in the community as well as in the church.

Facilitators’ Training - Volunteer women from missions and conferences went through the training to become trained facilitators for the recovery program of drug surrenderers. The activity was in collaboration with the Health Ministries.

OUTREACH - Increasing the involvement of women in communicating the three angels’ messages and carrying out the mission of the church.

Abuse Prevention Day –Women spearheaded ten (10) enditnow campaigns to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence against women and children. Government personnel graced the activity and they commended our initiative in addressing the issue on abuse and violence.

Care Group Ministry – Women led and participate in care group ministry. Trained facilitators apply what they have learned in group process as a vehicle for personal growth, social support and evangelism.

Family Development Sessions (FDS) – Volunteer women take part in facilitating FDS to the beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4Ps) in various barangays, in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The department provided the guidelines, modules and materials for the sessions. Active facilitators come from NPUC headquarters, South-Central Luzon Conference and Central Luzon Conference. Other missions are on the process of coordinating with DSWD personnel in their territories.

Community Outreach – Women work with other church members in connecting and reaching communities through medical outreach, Voie of Youth, Vacation Bible School, family enrichment, care group ministry, etc.

Evangelism and Witnessing – 175 women led in evangelistic meetings as speakers and coordinators. A lot of women gave assistance and participated in different capacities. We praise God for the 1,400 precious individuals who gave themselves to Jesus as the result of women evangelism.

Total Women Involvement – In response to the initiative of the world church for Total Member Involvement, the department of Women’s Ministries assures total involvement of women, making use of their spiritual gifts in winning people for Jesus. We are committed to getting involved in Philippines for Christ 2018.

Thanks to all WM directors, leaders, committed women and church members for our united efforts. Our appreciation to the Administration of NPUC, conferences and missions for their worthy support. God's goodness is without measure; it is abundant and overflowing!

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