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Year End Report: Adventist Mission

By Jose V. Zabat jr.

January 2018 |

“Let’s IntroduceJESUS”

People who don’t know Jesus need to get to know Him. The only means to advance the kingdom of God is by making Christ known to them. Paul unfolds this truth when he said, “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, andHim crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2).

We, at the Adventist Mission Office have developed strategies to attain our mission and introduce Jesus to those who have not heard the end-time messages of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Every local church, institution and local organization was impressed to identify people groups in its territory and establish worship groups that belong to those who would wait for the soon coming of Christ.

The Adventist Mission developed a training program for evangelism and mission:

  1. Two trainings were conducted, first in NPUC on March 27-30, 2017 which focused on Urban Centers of Influence, and the second one was in LMS, Lipa City on July 18-20,2017 which centered on Care Group Ministries. The purpose was to advance the mission of the church in unreached people groups in cities and rural areas by applying different approaches in Evangelism using Christ’s Method.

  2. Five Global Mission projects were facilitated in rural areas and cities that were locally funded by the Union and Missions.

  3. Two pioneering projects were supervised where worship groups are now operating:

Tanza, Navotas City

Global Mission Pioneer: 1 No. of Attendees: 25 Baptisms: 21 Baptismal Class Members: 10

Banayoyo, Ilocus Sur

Global Mission Pioneer: 1 No. of Attendees: 24 Baptisms: 18 Baptismal Class Members:7

4. Two new existing Urban Centers of Influence were strengthened and assessed for the two new UCI to be established in Manila and Quezon City under the target least reached cities of GC 2020.



A. Trained ministers and laymen in evangelism and mission.

84 42 50% On Target

B. Trained workers and person- nel assigned in 4 Urban Centers of Influence.

10 6 60% On Target

C. Trained Urban Mission pas- tors and volunteers.

10 10 100% Reached

Facilitated Seven (7) Urban Center Projects:

New Projects

Binondo Quezon City

Existing Projects

7 7

100% Reached

Batangas City San Pablo City Puerto Princesa Cabanatuan City Vigan City

Facilitated the Seven Global Mission funded projects for conferences and missions.

7 7 100% Reached

  1. Established protocols and procedures in the administration of Adventist Mission by conducting training for Adventist Mission directors and personnel.

  2. Organized Adventist congregations among people groups and unreached places.

    Praise God! He continues to guide the work of the Adventist Mission. We are praying for more worship groups to be established the following year so we could have more people to be ushered to the Kingdom of Heaven.


To proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God to the unreached people groups of each town and city in Luzon, in preparation for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.


That every city and municipalitywill have an influential Adventistpresence actively engaged in a comprehensive mission, using Christ’s method of ministry.


The Lord calls for young men and women to gird themselves for lifelong, earnest labor... Spasmodic efforts will not avail to accomplish much good, or to make you successful laborers in the work of God. By patient continuance in well-doing, you are to become laborers together with God. You are to reckon yourselves the servants of God by the day. Be diligent in your work for one day, and see that you make no crooked paths for your feet, lest the lame be turned out of the path of rectitude by your misdoings (Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, 52, 53).


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