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SDA Church and DOH Legazpi Join Hands for Community-Based Rehabilitation Program

The Department of Health - Legazpi City tapped the Seventh- day Adventist Church for the Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program

January 22, 2019 | Legazpi City

By Rosalind P. Bucad

 of the city for the Surrendering Drug Users (SDUs). The partnership program started last July 29, 2017 and will continue until December. There are two categories of the SDUs, the Low Risk & Mild Users. The Low Risk meet every Thursday & Friday while the Mild category meet every Sunday. The city health officers and the Adventists are the ones giving lectures and facilitate discussions. Interactive activities follow such as games and sharing of personal experiences and reflections.

A total of 250 surrenderers aged 18 years old and above, attended and they completed the first set of sessions. 130 SDUs from the Low Risk category and 100 SDUs from the Mild category finished and each one of them received a copy of the book, Steps to Christ.

We recognize the services of the following lecturers: Pastor Eliseo Garrado, president; Pastor Joven Hitosis, executive secretary; Pastor Renante Bareja, AY & SS/PM director; Pastor Levi Perdon, Family director; Pastor Armando Ogmar, Health director; Mrs. Nelia Garrado, program coordinator. Other presenters are Pastor Edgardito Franche, James Burce, Jay Ariate, Kenn Esturas, Lalaine Bucad, Ambie Betito, Haidie Rivera, Joymie Avenido and Anne Jalmasco.

“We have been victimized, and we don’t know how to recover and regain the trust and confidence of our family, and the society at large. Thanks for our city health officers and the Seventh-day Adventists who are very willing to help us go through this challenging experience. You have dedicated your time and resources so that we can start anew,” some of the surrederers stated.

Many have testified that they have found the missing link or the final piece of their life puzzle by reading the Bible and spending time with God. Every session was a fresh experience that would remind them of the love and forgiveness of God and the importance of rebuilding a good relationship with their loved ones.

“We are grateful that the Seventh-day Adventists are our strong partners in helping SDUs in their recovery. The Adventists have the best program and intervention,”remarked Dr. Gellego, DOH director.

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