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Year End Report: Communication

By Joel L. Sarmiento

January 2018 |

Communicating Hope Across Airwaves and Beyond

The Communication and Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) departmentsendeavor to rally all church members to take part in bringing the Gospel throughout Luzon.

Guided by the departments’ mission statements on bringing hope to others through our faith, every mission and conference was mobilized through the different seminars, trainings and workshops conducted for church leaders and media enthusiasts.

Media ministry groups from different areas of Luzon have been established since last year. Advanced groups mentored budding media teams willing to invest their time and talent to share God’s word.

The PARL department was also on the go educating the entire Luzon of our rights as Adventists. In partnership with the government, our department promoted religious freedom and provided insights into the art and science of sharing the love of God to public officials and people of influence.

The department initiated active involvement of every church member by reaching out to diverse audiences in the church and even those who haven’t known Christ as their Savior. A clearer picture of the church was our goal in setting activities and programs for the department.

This year, towards the end of Certification Level 1 of our communicators the media ministry has fortified the teams and formed the Adventist Communicators Team (ACT) Convention as culmination of their trainings. The convention served as fellowship time for all broadcasters, church leaders, communicators and enthusiasts, where different media platforms were emphasized. A media festival became a training ground for those interested to use it in translating stories to 3-5 minute video of conversion stories.

Festivals conducted have created an impact to supporters and new enthusiasts to making their work better. The department acknowledged the efforts of church members from different areas of Luzon. Thus, Adventist Mass Media Award (AMMA) was created.

Setting a standard in our media ministry to ensure that every one will work on one goal, the department organized the Adventist Communicators Team (ACT). ACT is the governing group of all media practitioners and volunteers who would be working closely with the department through their elected officers in implementing programs and projects of the department.

Truly, God answers prayers. One of our projects was accomplished before our time frame: A brand new Toyota Hi-Ace van to be used as an Outside Broadcast (OB) van of our Union. Events coverage and news gathering would then be made easier and faster with a better and equipped vehicle.

To accomplish our goals, we worked together to reach people through different methods of communication. Some of the ways of sharing God’s message include regularly updating our social media sites, creating informative websites, andwriting news stories and press releases for broadcast on TV and radio. Through these, we create a clearer image of the church, its mission, life and activities, and witness that many would become followers of Jesus and members of God’s church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This year, we aimed and accomplished the following:


1. Encouraged members to engage in regular Bible study by distributing quarterly issues of Mizpa and special Week of Prayer issue in Tagalog (3000 copies) and Ilocano (1000 copies).

2. Produced doctrinal and inspirational TV programs by producing 10 new programs: “Journey to Prosperity” by Pastor Israel Bacdayan, “Clear Messages” by Pastor Bryan Tolentino, “What Jesus Believes” by Pastor Bryan Tolentino and Pastor Laudimer Gatus, “Kasama ang Ama” by Pastor Romeo Mangiliman, “Daily Devotional” by Pastor Joel Sarmiento, “Back to the Scriptures” by Ronald Obidos and Joel Abonales, “Katotohanan” by Johnson Amican and Richard Thompson, “The Christ of Daniel” by Bing Alabata, “Sabbath Café” by Project Life Ministry, and “Music and Praise” showcasing original musical compositions.

Elder Ted Wilson (center) takes a worthwhile photo op with the vibrant Hope Channel crew in his recent Manila visits.

The husband and wife tandem, Pastor Arnel and Irelyn Gabin host for the program entitledHealth Unlimited.

  1. Engaged church members in doctrinal study as essential for spiritual maturity by developing a pool of communicators through seminars and workshops on radio, TV, live streams, print and online; and producing doctrinal programs to enable viewers, online visitors, and listeners. Every mission and conference availed orientation seminars on the above programs.

  2. Increased church members’ knowledge on Ellen White’s counsels and prophetic ministry by acquiring copies of “Tell the World” film. On the day of its launching, the film was distributed and shown to many of our local churches.


  1. Enhanced unity and community among church members by distributing Adventist World magazines to churches and institutions, conducting advisories to communication directors, building stronger connection with Adventist lawyers, and promoting religious liberty to churches in the territory.
  2. Increased the engagement of church members in media ministry by conducting Adventist Communicators’ Training (ACT) in all missions and conferences, holding 6 orientations, 8 communication seminars; and training church members for Radio and TV evangelism. More than a thousand benefited from the trainings and 320 were certified.

In addition, the department accomplished the following:

  • Encouraged social networkers to devote time to reach out to people with messages of hope through the use of mobile devices.

  • Conducted journalism and writing seminars to church members in order to develop their skills in writing for news and devotional messages.

  • Held 5 writing seminars to encourage members to contribute to our church publications.

  • Launched media ministries convention to encourage the organization of media teams within the territory.

  • Promoted to missions and conferences to organize their own media teams. In response, four of the missions/conferences formed their teams and another seven from Central Luzon Conference.

  • Trained 6 media volunteers in recording and

  • producing programs for Hope Channel.


1. Enhanced Adventist outreach through TV, radio and internet by holding18 media promotions all around the territory for Hope Channel, Adventist World Radio and Social Media in order to reach the unreached areas; utilizing Hope Channel in preaching the everlasting gospel; producing new Hope Channel programs focusing on fundamental beliefs such as Back to the Scriptures, “Katotohanan” by Pastor Joel Sarmiento, and others. Moreover, the department updated the cable head-ends’ list that carries Hope Channel. There are 47 cable companies covering 82 towns and cities within the territory: CLC-5, SCLC-27, SLM-2, NLM-8, MPM-5, and PAM-1. NELM used radio in reaching unreached people from usual evangelism means. Our radio broadcasters have filled 10,831.40 hours within the 16 commercial radio stations and other church- owned stations to air programs on health and good news.

2. Motivated members to carry out the mission of the church by carrying Hope Channel programs into
all cable head-ends and other providers, conducting innovative evangelistic meetings to inspire church members to do the same, coordinating courtesy visits to government officials to intriduce services we can offer to the community, and producing video reports on important events.

With all of these accomplishments, we bring back the honor and glory to God and His leadings.

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