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Year End Report: Education

By Nelson G. Castillo

January 2018 |

“A Journey to Excellence”

“Every opportunity should be improved to extend the truth.” --E.G. White

The Education Department of the North Philippine Union Conference remains true to its commitment-- “Adventist Education: A journey to Excellence.” It envisions an education that is strongly founded, highly regarded, effective, responsive and available to all Adventist children.

Recognizing the vast field of teaching and learning with its challenges and opportunities, the Education Department came up with programs for equipping teachers and principals for an improved professional practice and quality, as Ronald Osborn made it plain when he said, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

The year started with the seminar/workshop on Curriculum Mapping in preparation for the pilot project of the Education Department, the NPUC Curriculum Guides. The seminar conducted by Dr. Gracel Saban, dean of the College of Education of AUP, was geared towards a creation of a distinctively Adventist curriculum for K-12. This has inspired the curriculum committee and subcommittee to work towards creating our own NPUC Curriculum Guides. The activities made the participant actively engaged the whole day while empowering them in the process. The timeline was set and all agreed to complete the project in 2018, and be implemented by 2019.

To respond to the needs of school administration and leadership, administrators and school principals’ Certification Level 1 was held last March 13 in the Union. The theme of the program was "Lead for Life" attended by 30 participants composed of the education superintendents, and academy and elementary principals. The Director of Education, Pr. Nelson Castillo and his associate, Dr. Mary Jane A. Zabat set the direction of the certification as they discussed Understanding Church Structure and Governance, Introduction to Leadership and Approaches and Practices of Leaders.

To equip teachers on effective handling of kindergarten classes and to adhere with the church and government requirement, Early Childhood Education Certification was conducted in Northern Luzon Mission last April 19 to May 5, 2017 faciliatated by Adventist University of the Philippines. This program was also extended to some of the faculty of Northern Luzon Adventist College and Northeast Luzon Mission. The 33 certified kindergarten teachers are now recognized by the parents of their students and even by the government for the quality of teaching and learning they provide to their students. The program emphasized the holistic development of the children, an assurance that the education provided for the younger members of the church and the community upholds the standard set by the Church.

The department continues to conduct opening meeting for all elementary and academy teachers. This year the focus of the opening meeting is Discipleship and Integration of Faith and Values in Learning. Pr. Nelson Castillo discussed the topics; Teachers as Disciples and Disciple-makers, while Dr. Mary Jane A. Zabat discussed the Factors Affecting Teaching, Biblical Foundations of Integration of Faith and Values and Strategies in Integrating Faith and Values. This is to intensify the witnessing program of the school and the strategies in its implementation. The topics served as reminders to the teachers on their roles, school programs, and teaching resources in evangelism and witnessing.

Another part of the yearly work of the department is to conduct school evaluations for elementary and academy schools. This year the department has conducted evaluations in 26 elementary schools and 2 academies. From these accreditation visits, the parents who were interviewed expressed their appreciation, satisfaction, and high regard to Adventist education and how the school programs, curriculum and teachers positively influenced the life of their children. Some shed tears of joy for the impact the school has left to their children.

To complete the year, the Quinquennial Elementary Teachers Convention was held on October 29 to November 1, at KSL Resort and Hotel, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. From various missions and conferences came 296 teacher attendees with their respective officers, education superintendents, and few department directors to learn effective teaching strategies for the 21st century learners which was discussed by Dr. Annabelle Tunedo- Sim, a very energetic, spontaneous and cool resource speaker.

To be informed of the laws in education to guide each one in the teaching practice as required by law, Atty. Rex Rosas, the HR director of Southern Asia Pacific Division gave the presentation on Professional and Christian Ethics and Laws on Education. To gain insights in improving relationships with God, administrator, co- teachers and students, Dr. Marilyn Mutuc, the senior high school principal of Manila Adventist College led the heartwarming discussion. After all the topics were presented, the participants were led to a commitment to help and support one another to achieve quality Adventist Education.

This is in line with the five-year theme of the Education Department of NPUC: "Read, Reflect, Share, and Be Like Jesus.” The program was graced by the three officers of the Union namely; Pr. Romeo Mangiliman, who gave the keynote, Mr. Rabi Velasco, who spoke in one of the morning devotional sessions, while Pr. Nelson de Chavez capped the meeting with a call for commitment. Pr. Marvin Diaz, president of Northern Luzon Mission, completed the list of devotional speakers. His topic “Sermon in Shoes" led everyone to rethink and reflect what message they talk, walk, and live.

The table below shows the profile of the schools operated by the church in the territory of NPUC.


YEAR No. of Schools 2014 159
2015 159
2016 159

2017 160

No. of Teachers 676

673 676 752

Enrolment SDA 14,162 4,567 14,184 5,536 12,975 4,844 14,620 5,103

Non SDA 9,595

8,999 8,131 9,517

Baptism Remarks
903 68% Non SDA 1,241 63% Non SDA 1,166 62% Non SDA 809 65% Non SDA


YEAR 2014 2015 2016 2017

No. of Schools 13

13 13 13

No. of Teachers 189

178 181 201

Enrolment SDA 3,132 2,050 3,127 1,967 2,984 1,939 3,484 2,264

Non SDA 1,082 1,160 1,045 1,220

Baptism Remarks
261 34% Non SDA 230 37% Non SDA 305 35% Non SDA 203 35% Non SDA

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