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Hope International Recognizes Hope Philippines

BThorp hands over the plaque of recognition to NPUC President, NMañez and SSD Communication Director, JCatolico as the fifteenth Hope Channel network around the world.

Witness a historical event which is believed to bring evangelism to the next level in Luzon.

2014-11-17 15:04:00 | Pasay City

After several years of hard work, prayers, and sleepless nights, Hope Channel Philippines is now officially included as the 15th channel of Hope Channel International around the world. Early Sunday morning, August 25, Hope Channel Philippines staff, network tie-ups, Union Directors and staff, producers, families, and friends gather together to witness a historical event which is believed to bring evangelism to the next level in Luzon.

The recognition program was graced by fundamental individuals behind the lenses of Hope Channel International led by the President, Pastor Brad Thorpe and the Vice President, Ms. Kandus Thorpe.

During the program, Pastor Jose Orbe Jr. shared his experiences and birth pains of starting an Adventist network in the Philippines. At first he thought it was impossible, but after experiencing miracle after miracle, it was indeed for him a "But God Moment".

He said, "In Luzon, the Hope Channel's humble beginning was very challenging...It might have looked easy to hear and to do until we realized that we didn't have a studio, a recording equipment, and much more the technical crew that would run the cameras, but God's providence made it unbelievably possible."

Pastor Thorpe also expressed his excitement that finally Hope would be heard in this side of the planet, that this channel would help bring about change to a viewer's life. He stressed,"Hope Channel is something that is to empower the people, the creativity of producers, and the creativity of our staff to empower the local church in a very meaningful way to benefit the community."

Mrs. Thorpe, on the other hand, discussed about the standards and premiership of the show we should air in Hope Channel. She expressed that it would be vital that our shows be Christ-centered and focused on how we could introduce Jesus to our friends outside our denomination.

Without any doubt, the program was filled with inspiration, spiritual uplifting, and joy that finally there is Hope. God gives us Hope.

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