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Axon 2015

AXON 2015 is a Bi-Annual meeting of communication department of the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) for communication leaders and media enthusiast.

February 27 - March 1, 2015 | Graceland Estates & Country Club

“AXON 2015” the sequel of “Synapse 2012” was held February 27, 2015-March 1, 2015 at Graceland Estates and Country Club, Tayabas, Quezon. The seminar was divided with three major media tracks: “News Gathering and Field Reporting” for all media enthusiasts, aspiring field reporters and camera man, “Building Church and Community Relations” for the pastors, elders, communications and community service leaders, “Church Audio Management” for the operators of church audio systems.


AXON 2015 is a Bi-Annual meeting of communication department of the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) for communication leaders and media enthusiast.


February 27, 2015, first day of the session, delegates had an opportunity to talk about  Media Track #1: “News Gathering and Field Reporting” with two resource persons namely Arjay Arellano who shared his knowledge about “News Gathering: Words and Images”. He had shared how Technology changes but crucial reporting, writing and editing skills remain the same. He also taught how Images have always told stories in powerful ways, and digital tools expand that storytelling. He also taught about about still photography and video. And Ms. Janet Tolete who tackled about “TV Evangelism and Religion” where delegates learned about Critical examination of how religion traditionally has been covered in the Philippines and guidelines for developing individual thinking and reporting on religious, moral, gender, and cultural issues.


Media Track #2: was about “Building Church and Community Relations” with pastor Jose Orbe Jr. who shared about “Why Community Services?” and Mr. Leo Batulayan, who talked about “Organizing and Sustaining your Church Community Service Program (Part 1)



February 28, 2015, delegates entered their second day with Media Track #3: “Church Audio Management” with Mr. Erwin Balangue, who contributed his knowledge about “The Ministry of Sound.” A talk about the sound technician’s ministry, what we do and the role we play in church and what it takes to be behind the console in a worship service, functions of the Sound Technician,T he Heart of the Mixing Console The Physics of Sound Which helped the delegates understand the Physics of Sound and the understanding of its basic characteristics and the measures of good sound.


The afternoon gathering sets up the stage for the second session of the seminar, under Media tract #1 Ms. Tolete talked about “News Production” Basic television news gathering skills, including shooting and editing videotape, planning and executing visual storytelling, and writing and producing news packages. Students assist in the production of a television news program. Mr. Arellano, shared about “The Field Reporter” which taught the participants Knowing who and what a field correspondent should be capable of in accomplishing the work of bringing the message into the airwaves. Under Media tract#3 Mr. Batulayan continued to share about “Organizing and Sustaining your Church Community Service Program (Part 2).”


March 1, 2015  under Media Track #1 “News Gathering and Field Reporting” , Ms. Rose Olarte shared  “Field Reporting 101” which tackled Basic News Gathering, reporting, and delivery. It also included workshop and rehearsal on how to deliver news reports. Under  Media Track #2 “Building Church and Community Relations” Mr. Dennison Grellman shared about  Partnering with ADRA.


Media Track #3: “Church Audio Management”, Mr. Balangue talked    about “Feedback”, A discussion about the causes of feedback and keys on how to avoid them in a live setting, Feedback, Causes of, and Keys How to Avoid Feedback , “The Signal Chain” A review of the basic component of a sound system and their applications in live sound. The Microphone, The Mixer, Outboard Gears, Cables, Loudspeakers, “Sound Check 1, 2”, A demonstration of the steps of doing a proper sound check procedure and what speakers, singers, and band members should look for in the monitor mix, Sound check, Proper Sound check Procedure, The Monitor Mix, What to look for in the Monitor Mix, Monitor Wedges and IEMs, All About Personal Monitor Mixers (PMM) and 3D Sound. And pastor Jose Orbe Jr. who shared about “Church Music Guidelines”.


Through what they have learned and with the claim that Jesus Christ is the center and source of all communication, these communication practitioners are all set up and equipped on sharing the gospel NEWS to the cities and beyond.

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