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God is worthy of praise for this very successful children’s prayer conference!

This “Why Me” Children Prayer Conference highlights the “Keys to Action Prayers”, “Prayer Journeys” and “Heaven At Last” experiences.

April 9-12, 2015 | 1000 Missionary Movement Campus

On April 9‐12, 2015 ‐ the North Philippine Union Conference Children’s Ministries through the leadership of Norlin Cadapan, held its remarkable Children’s Prayer Convention at 1000 Missionary Movement Campus with “Why Me” as the theme of the event. Attended by 476 registered delegates coming from the different missions and conferences – children ages 8‐15 years old, parents and guests. Gracing the event were SSD Family/ Children’s Director Dr. Miriam Andres, NPUC President Pastor Nepthali Manez, NPUC Executive Secretary Pastor Nelson de Chavez, CLC President Pastor Romeo Mangiliman, NPUC Family Ministries Director Delba de Chavez and West Visayan Conference Children’s Director Virgie Baloyo, CLC K.I.D. President & Pasay CHM Coordinator Lyne Dilag (LUTCS, RFC), Directors of Mission and Conferences also graced the event with substantial and faith‐filled inspirations.

This “Why Me” Children Prayer Conference highlights the “Keys to Action Prayers”, “Prayer Journeys” and “Heaven At Last” experiences. Activities and topics were simplified through plenaries and breakaway sessions. To facilitate more retention in learning, the delegates were divided into 12 tribes including the parents comprising 25‐30 members with 2 facilitators each. Furthermore, social nights and games were stipulated to establish friendship and reinforce acquaintances. Indeed, children can really do what the adults now are doing in the church – to be trained and empowered, sealed with prayers are the sole components for them to do their best in whatever ministries at hand and in the coming years.

“Heaven At Last” experience is so amazing and a very touching affair. Worshippers wear their best white dress and children are ushered with golden crowns on their heads. One participant teary‐eyed commented, “I am not worthy to be with Jesus. This very event seems true – a similitude of the heaven restored. I hope I can see my loved ones also in heaven. What a nice experience is this!”

Arriving at home, a child delegate thanking her mother for the experience, she says Mama, thank you for forcing me to join the prayer conference. I was blessed and learned many things from there. I must be prayerful to connect my life to Jesus especially in these end‐times.” This mother expressed her gratitude also to the organizers saying “Thank you for initiating this event giving my child a wonderful experience. She loved her days at the prayer conference and has many stories to tell.” Another parent emotionally voiced appreciation proclaiming, “Thank you for the inspiration given to us by Maam Lyne Dilag. Indeed, we were so much blessed and learned also many things how to properly tend our children in this generation. May we have more occasions like this in the future.” Furthermore, one group facilitator states, “Wow, children are so responsive to the activities they were engaged – willing to learn and easy to handle. Thank God for this opportunity of reaching little ones!”

Ma’am Judith one of the teachers in Northern Luzon Mission says:” I am very much impressed with all the activities, food served on time, the assigned facilitators headed by Paula Borlongan were committed to their task that the children were also inspired to listen attentively In order for them to complete the 8 Action Keys to prayer, Prayer Journey and they have learned that prayer is really very important to unlock heaven’s door.

God has really placed a very sacred responsibility to parents and adults leading children into His kingdom by empowering and training them to what the Savior has designed them to be. Certainly, God is pleased seeing everyone working together empowering young minds to be greatly used in the field of soul winning through a prayerful life. Then, children will never say “Why Me?” but instead they will say, “Let me do it.” Definitely, they can do great things for God’s glory according to the heavenly installed capabilities in them.

Ellen G White penned in her book, Counsels to Parents and Teachers, pp. 166‐167 stating: “In the closing scenes of this earth’s history, many of these children and youth will astonish people by their witness to the truth, which will be born in simplicity, yet with spirit and power. They have been taught the fear of the Lord, and their hearts have been softened by a careful and prayerful study of the Bible. In the near future many children will be endued with the Spirit of God, and will do a work proclaiming the truth to the world, that at times cannot well be done by the older members of the church.”

God is worthy of praise for this very successful children’s prayer conference! 

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