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HOPE Channel PH Hosts “Share It” Media Boot Camp

By Hope Channel Luzon

Hope Channel Philippines aims to empower and enrich talents and skills that will contribute to the advancement of the media ministry.

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

 With this, the Communication department of the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) hosted the “Share It” Media Boot Camp for participants from missions and conferences.

Several concerns were to be addressed in the camp such as training writers and correspondents to write better news articles and conversion stories. The goal was to make the contents more substantial and inspiring in order to bless the readers and not merely just inform them of what is happening in the Adventist circle, but what services are being rendered to the community.

“We have a lot of activities, ministries and evangelistic campaigns being done. However, a number of our leaders do not know about them. It does not reach to the awareness of our brethren, here in our territory. With this activity (camp), we wanted to capture those news and conversion stories to be an encouragement to our members that they may continue to take part in the work,” conveyed Pastor Joel L. Sarmiento, NPUC Communication Director.

In the boot camp, resource speakers discussed the direction of the newsfeeds to share, the writing techniques and experiences that would make the media ministry more attractive not only to the Adventists but to other netizens in general.

“It is an opportunity for us Adventist writers to share who we are, our identity, and some materials that netizens could avail, especially for people who are searching for answers to their queries about the truth,” shared Edward L. Rodriguez, one of the resource speakers from the Communication department of Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

Meanwhile, Gem Roy Fuentes, the Project Life director relayed in detail about conversion story plotting and producing. “Our goal is to produce more videos of how people were led to Jesus and how their lives were transformed. I believe that when our church has a lot of conversion stories, more people will be inspired, so as the faith of our brethren will be boosted”, Fuentes said.

The crew of the Hope Channel Philippines was also present to assist and coordinate the parts of the program.

In the end, some participants expressed their gratefulness for the learning experience they gained. “We are happy and blessed for all the knowledge, insights, and skills we got from the camp. This has been a blessing to us. Now, we have enough to share and use in our different ministries,” said a number of delegates.

“I have learned a lot here, which I can use in serving the Lord,” conveyed Celine Dublas, a delegate from South-Central Luzon Conference.

The camp lasted for three days held at the 1000 Missionary Movement Campus, Silang, Cavite.


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