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NELM Acknowledges Newly-organized Churches and Companies

By Maureen N. Mariñas

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

In fulfilling the mission of the church to make disciples, the Northeast Luzon Mission (NELM) during the first half of 2019 organized two churches and two companies in two districts. The companies in Dipaluda, Angadanan, Isabela and Villa Luna, Cauayan City were organized on May 4 and 11, respectively with Pastor Levi S. Payoyo and Pastor Moises B. Lemi officiating the organization. Both churches are under the district of Pastor Noel O. Mariñas. The church in Dipaluda, Angadanan, Isabela is the fruit of the community outreach to unenterred territory while Villa Luna church is the result of the revival program. After the evangelistic meetings in Villa Luna, many young accepted Jesus and were baptized. Coming home from baptism, young people shouted, “Yehey, we are now Seventh-day Adventists!” It was an expression of real joy from the experience of belonging to the family of God.

On the other hand, Pastor Moises B. Lemi officiated the company organization of the worship groups in Naganacan, Cauayan City and Tagumay, Gattaran, Cagayan on April 6 and 27, respectively. Naganacan is an offspring of Minante church under the district of Pastor Noel O. Mariñas while Tagumay is of Guising church under the district of Pastor Jaymar C. Abbang. Naganacan is an example of a group that was weaned from the mother church because of their number and geographic location, yet while still a worship group, members are active in fulfilling the gospel commission. Tagumay company takes its roots from Hope Channel when one person from that place got baptized after accepting the truth through Hope Channel programs. After series of evangelistic efforts, the membership grew in number. Both companies have started constructing their respective church building, their home in faith while preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


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