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CHM Leaders’ Convention and Certification Level 6

CHM directors of Missions and Conferences with guests. Seated from right: Norlin B. Cadapan, Dr. Miriam L. Andres, Dr. Linda Koh, Dr. Orathai Chureson Saw, Consolacion Tauro, Dr. Alfredo A. Martin.

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

By Norlin B. Cadapan

Around 200 Children’s Ministries leaders, teachers, and parents registered for the CHM Leaders’ Convention and Certification Level 6 held at the Manila Adventist College Church on June 6-9, 2019. The theme: “Faithfulness to His Prophets, Be inspired. Be equipped.” called all leaders not only to be faithful to God’s prophets but to introduce them to the kids and reach them with the wonderful prophetic gift of the last days.

Themed “Families for Christ,” the event focused on strengthening relationships among family members and enriching their relationship with the Lord.

The CHM department acknowledges the need to widen and enrich the knowledge of parents, teachers, and trainers to be effective in reaching children for Jesus. Thus, empower them for the young ones’ spiritual growth, inspire and equip them about Jesus and the pioneers, and enjoy camaraderie and fellowship with other leaders.

Dr. Linda Mei Lin Kho, CHM director of the General Conference discussed the ins and outs of adolescents’ brain development. She emphasized that early, positive interactions with nurturing adults are vital to healthy brain development because sensory experiences affect early brain development. In the presentation of Dr. Linda Kho she discussed God’s design for a highly healthy child promoting that God wants to nourish and promote a healthy emotional, relational, and spiritual life because without it, our children simply will be less healthy than God designed them to be.

Another important topic presented by Dr. Linda Kho was about preparing children for baptism. She stressed that while parents consent to the baptism of their children, they sacredly pledge themselves to be faithful stewards over these children, to guide them in their character building. They pledge themselves to guard with special interest these lambs of the flock that they may not dishonor the faith they profess. Dr. Kho also shared on evangelizing postmodern teens emphasizing the four essentials of evangelizing postmodern teens such as authenticity, caring, trust, and transparency.

For the subject “Talking to Kids about Disaster,” Dr. Orathai Chureson Saw, CHM director of Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) discussed that children can cope more effectively with a disaster when they feel they understand what is happening and what they can do to help protect themselves, family, and friends. She also enlightened leaders about holding on to their kids: making grandparenting with special emphasis on strong parental attachment.

Meanwhile, former CHM director of SSD, Dr. Miriam L. Andres enumerated the characteristics of healthy Children’s Ministries in the local church such as empowering leadership, gift-oriented ministry, passionate spirituality, functional structures, inspiring worship services, holistic small groups, need-oriented evangelism, and loving relationship.

The CHM department recognized the presence of Sir Rabi J. Velasco, NPUC treasurer for his keynote message, encouraging every participant to be live God’s instructions through His anointed prophets in order to have a productive result in their ministries. Pastor Jose V. Zabat, Jr., NPUC Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director served as commitment speaker where he challenged all leaders to commit themselves to God as they minister to young children until Jesus comes.

The Pioneers booklet and all the presenters notes were given out and other resources are available
in each mission and conference for use in different ministries to children in the church and in the community.

Special recognition is given to all CHM directors for their leadership and for preparing video reports presenting all the great accomplishments of the department especially the precious ones being brought to the feet of the Savior: Josie Felda A. Calera, CLC; Ester F. Fadriquela, SCLC; Edena N. Lumbao, SLM; Ardie T. Diaz, NLM; Sylvia F. Polito, MPM; Maureen N. Mariñas, NELM; Wilma Q. Reyes, CDM; and Lanieflor D. Malabad, PAM.

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