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Senior Youth Leaders' Training Seminar

By Geronimo M. Viernes, Jr.

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

The church is facing a serious depletion of young people. It has often been reported that many youth are leaving the church, not because of doctrinal issues but relational issues. The reasons for losing them can be studied and researched but something must be done now. The youth want to be recognized, listened to, appreciated, and be involved in the ministry.

For this reason, the NPUC Youth Ministries department supported the training for senior youth leaders. This year, Pastor David B. Morado and Pastor Jobbie D. Yabut went to different Missions and Conferences of NPUC to conduct training for senior youth leaders. They have been to Northern Luzon Mission, Northeast Luzon Mission, Central Luzon Conference, Cavite Adventist Mission, Southern Luzon Mission and South-Central Luzon Conference. The rest of the Missions will follow at their designated schedule.


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