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Gain from GAiN

By Yna Sintos

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

Have you wondered how many of the world’s population use the internet and social media?

For instance, as of the first quarter of 2019, statistics shows that Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users worldwide. Based on the number of Facebook users as of April 2019, the country has 65 million users which made us on the sixth place. Filipinos spent more or less 10 hours on the internet daily via any device ( This is Facebook only, how about other forms of social media? In other words, a lot of people spend much time checking, browsing, and using the internet and social media as part of their daily life’s activities.

With the above facts, the Seventh-day Adventist Church recognized the social responsibility the church is doing in raising awareness and helping people in established the GAiN, an acronym for Global Adventist Internet Network. It is a community of Adventist technologists, communicators, and evangelists who connect to discuss the creative use of internet technology in their work and in the lives of those whom they serve. GAiN is also designed to help the mission of the Church. Through this, communication and technology professionals are trained in finding new ways to reach their communities. It is facilitated by the denomination’s Communication department and the Office of Global Software & Internet (OGSI), in cooperation with the church’s world divisions and lay initiatives.

Consequently, GAiN points a direction toward potential individuals, groups or online communities for internet evangelism. It also aims to help Adventists to become responsible and careful in using social networking sites.

GAiN in the North Philippines started promoting its mission through online and church visitations. It provides original online resources readily available on its Facebook page like daily Bible verse, pastor’s quote, thought of the day for Ellen G. White’s writings, video clips of conversion stories, and other motivational passages. The purpose is to remind people of God’s love and give hope and strength to the hopeless while building their relationship with our Creator. Brethren are encouraged to repost the resources to spread the Gospel to their FB friends. The team prays for church involvement in the creative online mission to reach the unreached and nurture the faith of all believers.

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