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ASI Launches Trade Fair in MPM

By ASI Mountain Province Mission

April - June 2019 | North Philippine Union Conference

TThe Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) of Mountain Provinces Mission’s (MPM) launched its monthly trade fair program in Baguio City Central Adventist Church.

The project aims to introduce Christ in the marketplace by promoting products and services of the church.

The program showcased different goods and services including organic produce, fruits, vegetarian products, natural medicine, clothes, whole wheat bread, health tracts, and services like massage and health consultations. It included free sugar analysis and free blood typing exams. ASI’s trade fair is held every third Sunday of the month.

The fair participants are willing to help and contribute in any way they can. Dr. Eugene Santos, dental and massage therapist is an active service provider. He said, “Through God’s help, many have been blessed with my services. They have experienced relief from their body pains. Many are going home happy, so thank the Lord and this trade fair has been wonderful and successful".

Angel Manglongat, a medical technologist said, “What drove me to offer my free services here in the ASI trade fair is my passion to serve people and to use my medical expertise in raising self-awareness how people should take good care of their diet and their lifestyle. Just like how Jesus did, it's given free and it’s made out of love.”

Sally Aliteg, ASI Metro Baguio Chapter president conveyed, "We all take part in sharing Christ in the marketplace and in the community of business entrepreneurs, so in Baguio city we have started the monthly Trade Fair to spread awareness and encourage church members to patronize our own products and also avail of the services offered and rendered by the Adventist community."

ASI encourages business entrepreneurs and service providers to participate in the Trade Fair for the months to come.

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