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NLM President, Pastor Marvin Diaz, welcomes the newly ordained Gospel Ministers to the ministerial working force.

NLM President, Pastor Marvin Diaz, welcomes the newly ordained Gospel Ministers to the ministerial working force.

NLM President, Pastor Marvin Diaz, welcomes the newly ordained Gospel Ministers to the ministerial working force.

December 9-12, 2015 | Artacho, Pangasinan

The constituency of Northern Luzon Mission (NLM) rendered an o cial welcome to the new mission o cers and directors during its 2nd Quinquennial Session on December 9-12, 2015 in Artacho, Pangasinan.

The new president, Pastor Marvin Diaz leads the new administration. His fellow administrators are Pastor Ismael Cabason, executive secretary and Mr. Joey Maningding, treasurer.

The following are the new departmental directors:

Erwin Agdeppa - Ministerial, Sabbath School, Personal Ministries; Lolita Agdeppa - Women's Ministries, Family, Shepherdess International; Ardie Diaz –Education, Children’s Ministries; Melanio Roca – Publishing, Communication; and Joel Solomon – Youth, Health Ministries.

The culmination of the session was the Ordination Service on Friday evening for seven ministerial workers. They are all graduates of Northern Luzon Adventist College -- Pastor Edimar Balido with wife Jinky, Pastor Rolly dela Torre with wife Ma. Luisa, Pastor Leonell Diaz with wife Jenny, Pastor Felipe Manlongat, Jr. with wife Claribeth, Pastor Ricardo Mateo, Jr. with wife Jeanette, Pastor Gaspar Rabang with wife Germilyn, and Pastor Melanio Roca with wife Warlie.

Meanwhile, a number of churches received special awards for complying with the requirements set by the Stewardship department of North Philippine Union Conference. They are now certi ed Church Compliant Churches.

Pastor Erwin Agdeppa received a special service award for his 11 years of active service as Youth director of NLM.

On December 8, 2015, pastors, teachers and o ce sta gathered at the Aguinaldo Balinao Hall for special thanksgiving and recognition to some retirees who held important positions in the last quinquenium: Pastor Elias Rafanan (mission president), Pastor Rogie Valdez (stewardship director), Mrs. Evelyn Valdez (Women’s and Health Ministries director) and Mrs. Berdieng de Vera (Education director). Selected workers expressed their tribute and gratitude for the meaningful contributions and good legacy their mentors shared with them.

Another feature of the session was the “Quinquennial Focus,” which was the formal proclamation of dividing NLM into Northern Luzon area and the Northeast Luzon Attached Field (NELAF), with Pastor Levi Payoyo and Mr. Ruben Battalao as pioneer leaders. The idea of dividing the vast territory of NLM was conceived during the administration of three previous NLM presidents. It was planned and proposed by Pastor Daniel Villoso, promoted by Pastor Danilo Asuncion and pursued by Pastor Elias Rafanan. After further study and evaluation, nally the higher organizations approved it in November 2015.

“Arise! Jesus Shines! Jesus is Coming!” was the theme of the Constituency Meeting. The list of guests was headed by Pastors Nephtali Mañez and Romeo Mangiliman, outgoing and incoming presidents of NPUC respectively, with other Union o cers and directors. Other participating delegates were from other sister institutions and districts of NLM.

We also recognized the presence of Hon. Mayor Atty. Mina Joy Pangasinan for her inspirational talk during the opening ceremony of the session; Dr. Claribel Dingoasen, former president of NLAC and Pastor Marvin Diaz for their welcome remarks; outgoing NLM president Elias Rafanan for giving the keynote and Sabbath commitment message; Pastors Israel Andoy, Modesto Adap and Rogie Valdez for sharing God’s messages during devotional meetings; and Pastor Nepthali Mañez for his message on the divine worship. 

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