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NPUC Administrators charge the new PAM leaders to lead their constituents in faithfulness and service to God.

NPUC Administrators charge the new PAM leaders to lead their constituents in faithfulness and service to God.

January 20-23, 2016 | Puerto Princesa City

More than a hundred and seventy delegates from across Palawan Adventist Mission (PAM) territories gathered for the 2nd Quinquennial Session on January 20-23, 2016 at Central Church in Puerto Princesa City. The six-year- old Mission welcomed guests fromdi erentplaces,particularly from the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) represented by the administrators and some directors.

To lead the hearts of everyone to the main objective of the gathering, Pastor Nelson De Chavez, executive secretary of NPUC spoke about the theme, “Arise! Shine! Jesus Is Coming!” His message centered on the signi cance of the second coming of Jesus in the lives of God’s

people. He directed the listeners to the peculiarity of the mission of the church and the urgency it entails that believers should actively live their faith imitating the example and life of Jesus and be mobilized by bearing fruits for His glory and honor.

Right then, Pastor Romeo Mangiliman and Mr. Rabi Velasco, NPUC president and treasurer, respectively led the dedication and installation of elected PAM administrators: Pastor Daniel Malabad and Bro. Jerry Tamaño. In his inaugural speech, Pastor Malabad appealed to the brethren to continue their support by participating in various programs and activities of Palawan Adventist Mission in order to advance the work of God in their territory. 

The Ordination Service for PAM’s three young ministers came thereafter. The ordinands, after some years of service have established their commitment in Gods’ sacred calling. In due course, they were formally consecrated as full- edged ministers who join the group of fellow ministers in the gospel ministry. They are: Nathaniel Contreras (AUP ’99); Lonyr Je Serrano (MVC ’09), and Daniel Matulac (NLAC ’08). The message of God for the ordinands and their spouses was delivered by Pastor Romeo Mangiliman, NPUC president.

Morning and evening worship speakers shared timely messages just appropriate for the time being, in preparation for the coming crisis prior to the return of Christ. Every speaker gave emphasis on each church member for their meaningful contribution to the progress of God’s work. He reminded his constituents and fellow workers to remember the following points: rst, God is incharge of His work, and neither he nor anybody should take the lead without God’s empowerment and direction; second, the necessity of help from God which propels us to receive His power in doing His work and in living a fruitful Christian life.

the total involvement of church members in the mission of the church and eventually leading people to Jesus.

One important highlight of the constituency meeting was the election of new set of o cers and directors. On the second day, Friday, the secretary of the nominating committee presented the result of their meeting and it was nally approved by the o cial body.

On Sabbath, brethren from all over Palawan ocked inside the 1,500-capacity city coliseum. Happy Sabbath greetings, handshakes, hugs, and sharing of experiences lled the Sabbath celebration. God’s people looked very joyful as they met old and new believers.

Pastor Romeo Mangiliman deliviered the central message during the Divine Worship. He traced back the historical background of the Adventist church down to Philippine setting rounding up onto the coming of the light to Palawan islands through Brother Mingua, and literature evangelists from western Visayas region.

Pastor Mangiliman also admonished the brethren on the necessity of diet reform as vital to the development of one’s spiritual growth and preparedness for the coming of the Lord. He further discussed the believer’s need for humility as exempli ed in the life of Christ and as a prelude to receiving the outpouring of God’s Spirit.

PAM president Daniel Malabad led the commitment service. He made special recognition and acknowledgement to the past directors of the Mission and to “We are to be renewed by the Lord day by day. We need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit... go and live as Jesus lived; go and share Jesus. Remember, Jesus is coming soon!,” he appealed to everyone.

Then he called all newly elected o cers, directors and members of Executive Committee to stand with him upstage. The congregation joined them in a special dedicatory prayer led by Pastor Nelson Castillo, education director of NPUC.  

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