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Hope Channel Philippines Covers Urban Evangelistic Crusade at Shangri-La

Aside from being so immersed with the technical jobs involved in the productions of HOPE Channel Philippines (HCP), the team has never lose sight of the very heart of HCP - ministry through media. Thus, HCP covered and broadcast live the urban evangelistic crusade held at Shangri-la Hotel, Mandaluyong City that led nine people to accept Jesus Christ in their lives.

December 2018 |


By Wilbren Jayce P. Estrito

Elder Bing Alabata of the Sola Scriptura Ministry led the weeklong nightly meetings, themed; “What a beautiful Name is Jesus”, where he presented gospel truths on which Jesus takes the center stage.

“In contrast to the traditional approach that I did before, which is very doctrinal, I now share distinctive messages in the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” Elder Bing said in an interview.

Elder Bing thanked the Lord for the success of the evangelistic effort evident every night. “I cannot thank God enough... I got goose bumps every night; The music is tremendous, the congregation is great and we’ve felt the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives through the beautiful Name of Jesus,” he added.

Meanwhile, an Adventist singing group from Davao City, the Asidors, and Justin Alabata, Elder Bing's son led the musical praise and they offered music that set the tone of the meetings.

For the health lectures, health professionals like Dr. Linda Varona and Eden Elisan featured topics to address the current health issues and provide disease preventions and interventions. One highlight of the health portion was the topic on Emotional Quotient, since this subject is very fundamental in personal development, building relationships and healthy spiritual wellbeing.

Hope Channel Philippines continues to perform in the field of evangelism through media coverage and producing gospel-filled content in various broadcast media outlets.

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