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CLC Child Evangelism Discipleship Training and Workshop

May 23 & 24, 2018 – Children, mentors, and coaches convened for a two-day intentional discipleship training and workshop for children who have the passion for public speaking at Central Luzon Conference (CLC) Cucueco Hall.

December 2018 |

By Josie Felda A. Calera

Sent by different churches within CLC territory, coaches and mentors maximized the time having a one- on-one coaching with their children-delegates for Bible preaching, storytelling and health lecturing. At the end of the event, the children showcased what they have learned. Amazingly, children did well in presenting their pieces in English and Tagalog versions!

Truly, God's words for valuing the worth of each child exuded distinctively to the listening souls. Furthermore, Ellen White penned that God will definitely send them to places in a miraculous manner - preaching the everlasting good news of salvation before His soon coming! Given the chance to bring children to the limelight of evangelism, they will have to undergo necessary trainings to make them fit for the task. What a powerful and timely empowerment for these young soul winners for the Lord!

One mentor commented, "If we will make this kind of event a quarterly appointment, these children who have attended and those who are willing to be honed will absolutely improve the way they deliver the sermons, stories and health messages." Another said, "Our ministry to children is so imperative to deviate their minds from other things in the world. This activity is suited to shape their minds for spiritual things." They further expressed.

In the meeting, we affirmed that children have the innate capacity to be God's mouthpieces to the world. The department commited to groom them not only for physical emergencies but hone their talents for the glory of God.

CLC directors supported the talents' showcase as they gave their commendations and recommendations. Our hearts were overwhelmed because of the enthusiasm manifested by the coaches, kids, and guests.

The organizers extend sincerest gratefulness to Pastor Luis Bon Jr., (the first Filipino child preacher sent to the General Conference in 1985) who focused coaching our little preachers; Ms. Paula Cecilia Fofue (a nurse by profession and an expert in public speaking) shared the know-how on giving health lecture; Ms. Josie Felda Calera (CLC-CHM Director) presented the public speaking decorum; and Ms. Mila Deypalubos (Women's Ministries Director and AB-HPR graduate) emphasized the theme "I Am God's Little Mouthpiece" during the plenary and clustering sessions. God sent more people to grace the event like Pastor Gerardo Estabillo (CLC HR Director) as the Opening Ceremony speaker and Ms. Norlin Cadapan (NPUC CHM Director) as the Commitment ceremony speaker.

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