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Mangyan Buhid Tribe Accepts the Message of Hope

Distance, height, and hardship cannot hinder God's missionaries to go far-flung areas to share the amazing love of God and the salvation of Jesus.

March 2019 |

 By Robert B. Dulay

“We belong to a group of volunteers from the SHEM Ministry who crossed the mountains in order to bring holistic health services to the mountain dwellers. From the town proper of Roxas, Oriental Mindoro, it took us eight (8) hours of hike to reach Palangon Village where the Buhid tribe lives. Notwithstanding slippery slopes, deep rushing rivers, dangerous trails, we moved forward. Along the way, we sang, laughed, and shared stories. Once in a while, we put down our backpacks and took some rest and with recharged strength, we rolled out again. Praise God that we were able to make it!,” Rednaxela Octavio shared their experience.

Two Adventist laymen from Roxas district worked in the village of Buhid tribe. They spent precious time with the people, established friendship, offered health services, conducted Branch Sabbath School for children, and led Bible studies. The Adventist World Radio (AWR) sponsored their ministry.

Simultaneous with the celebration of the Philippines for Christ 2018, the work in Buhid tribe continued. Praise God for 65 people, including the mayor of the village who accepted Jesus in their lives.

Through the big help of pilot Dwayne Harris of the Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS), the team of the Adventist World Radio (AWR) headed by Dwayne McKey reached the village for fellowship, medical services, and baptism.

“We praise God for working in the lives of devoted church leaders, Bible workers, volunteers, and church members. Theyareinstrumentalinthelifetransformation ofourBuhid friends and the neighboring tribes,” declared Pastor McKey.

Today, a group of Adventist believers meets on the mountain to worship the true God where they share the beauty of God's message and the blessings they have received as a family of God.

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